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Single Sided Butyl Tape - Safety and Reliable Material

Single sided butyl tape, also known as composite type sealing tape, is a double layer composite sealing adhesive tape, one layer is self adhesive sealing tape, the other layer is butyl rubber, single sided butyl sealing tape composed by these two layers, and last covered with isolation paper and rolled into rolls. When using it, only need to tear up the isolation paper covering and winded use. It is popular used in steel structure factory building roof, metal roof patch and other construction projects cracks patch. Also suitable for sealing waterproof of pipe as well as fan with roofing lap joint, glass curtain wall, door and window sealing waterproof, etc.

There are two different kinds of single sided butyl tapes lying on the blue background, and the fine size is in front of the wide size.
SSBT-1: Single sided butyl sealing tape in wide size and fine size.
An enlarge picture about unfolded part of single sided butyl tape.
SSBT-2: Single sided butyl sealing tape joint.


  • Product name: single sided butyl tape.
  • Material: butyl rubber and poly isobutene blending.
  • Color: black, isolation paper can be yellow or white.
  • Common width: 1 cm - 10 cm.
  • Common thickness: 1 mm - 10 mm.
  • Shelf life: twelve months.
  • Service life: up to 20 years or more.
A roll of single sided butyl tape in large size is lying on the blue background.
SSBT-3: Wide single sided butyl sealing tape.
One roll of single sided butyl sealing tape in small size is put on the blue background.
SSBT-4: Single sided butyl sealing tape in small size.
A roll of single sided butyl tape is put on the blue background from overlook view.
SSBT-5: Single sided butyl tape in overlook view.


  • Excellent UV resistance.
  • Simple construction, precise dosage.
  • Easy to use: tear up the isolation paper.
  • Without any solvents, safety and environmental friendly.
  • Stable chemical properties: excellent chemical resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • Butyl rubber material can keep permanent flexibility, good following nature and excellent waterproof sealing.
  • Reliable application performance: its adhesion, waterproof, sealing, low temperature resistance are good, size stability.
  • Excellent mechanical properties: bond strength, high tensile strength, good elasticity and elongation performance, strong adaptability to interface deformation and cracking.

Single sided butyl sealing tape is mainly used for external anti-corrosion seal of steel pipeline in high voltage wire, cable joints, petroleum, drainage, pollution discharge, chemical and other industries.


  • Single sided butyl tape is packed with carton box.
  • Carton size: 40 cm × 40 cm × 18 cm.


  • Transport: In the transport process, Single sided butyl tapes should be prevented from sun and rain, collision and extrusion packaging. Non dangerous goods transportation. Stacking layers of packing carton boxes should not be more than four.
  • Storage: Single sided butyl tapes should be stored in a dry place with no more than 35°C, in order to avoid contact with the volatile solvent. Stacking layers of packing cartons should not be more than four.
There are four rolls of single sided butyl sealing tape in the carton box.
SSBT-6: Single sided butyl sealing tape is packaged with carton box.
There are many carton boxes on the wooden pallets, and each carton box is marked with single sided sealing tape.
SSBT-7: Packaged carton boxes are put on wooden pallets.

Construction technology of single sided butyl waterproof adhesive tape:

  • According to different clearances and joint widths, use different specifications of the tape.
  • Before using it, water, oil, dirt, dust and other impurities that stick on the surface must be cleared.
  • For the replacement of single sided butyl sealing tape, silicone rubber must be cleaned out before using the new butyl tape. Construction after completely drying.
  • Tear up the isolation paper of tape, stick the adhesive tape along the seams. Recommend the lap surface beyond 1.5 cm.
  • Use the small press roller or your hand to press the surface of adhesive tape, this aids to make it fully bonded to the stuck surface, ensure that the adhesive tape and the stuck surface are closely combined.

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