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Butyl Sealant Tape - Best Sealing Waterproof Material for Construction

Butyl tape uses butyl rubber and poly isobutylene as main raw materials and reconciles, squeezes into strip, covered with isolation paper. And coil it into roll shape. Through these steps, butyl tape is finished. Butyl sealant tape contains two types, one is single sided butyl tape, the other is double sided butyl tape. It has excellent adhesion to all kinds of material surfaces (color steel plate, steel, waterproof coiled material, cement, wood, PC, PE, PVC, EPDM, CPE materials). Thus it is also referred to as self adhesive type sealing tape.

There are five types butyl tapes in different sizes, and they are put on the blue background.
BT-1: Five different kinds of butyl tapes.

What's more, butyl sealant tape features excellent waterproof and good sealing properties. And its weather resistance and corrosion resistance are good. Applicable in doors and windows, concrete roof, ventilation ducts, dust removal equipment, automotive interior sealing waterproof, etc. At the same time, butyl sealing tape can also be used in tunnel structure seams' sealing waterproof, roof waterproof of new construction project, underground waterproof and so on.


  • Product name: butyl tape.
  • Material: butyl rubber and poly isobutene blending.
  • Color: black. Other colors are also available.
  • Width: 15 mm - 100 mm.
  • Thickness: 1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm.
  • Service life: more than 20 years.
  • Tape type: single sided butyl tape, double sided butyl tape.
  • Note: Other size can be customized according to customer requirements.
Use the calipers to measure the width of butyl tape, and the number is 50.00 mm.
BT-2: Measuring the width of butyl sealant tape.
Thickness of butyl sealant tape is measured by the calipers, and the number is 3.65 mm.
BT-3: Measurement about butyl tape thickness.
A roll of wide butyl sealant tape with some unfolded part that is lying on the blue background.
BT-4: Butyl tape in wide size.
One roll of fine butyl sealant tape with some unfolded part is lying on the blue background.
BT-5: Butyl sealant tape in fine size.


  • Good weather resistance and aging resistance.
  • Strong adaptability to interface deformation and cracking.
  • Construction process of waterproof sealing tape is simple.
  • To adhesive surface, it has seal, shock absorption, protection properties, etc.
  • Bond strength, high tensile strength, elasticity, good extension performance.
  • Its adhesion, waterproof, sealing, low temperature resistance and good follow nature.
  • Completely free of solvents, so no shrink, no emit toxic gases, convenient construction.
A roll of butyl sealant tape is lying on the blue background.
BT-6: Butyl sealant tape.
One roll of side placement butyl sealant tape is lying on the blue background.
BT-7: Side placement butyl tape.

Because of its convenient construction and perfect strong adhesion, butyl tape is welcomed by many architectural construction enterprises. It is suitable for foundation engineering roof waterproof, underground facilities waterproof, tunnel, water supply and drainage works, culvert, steel structure. It can also be used for treatment tank, sedimentation tank, water supply and drainage pipeline joints' sealing waterproof. As well as for cement, wood, PC, PE, PVC, EPDM, CPE materials bonding, etc.


  • Butyl tape can be packaged with carton box.
  • Carton size (length × width × height): 40 cm × 40 cm × 18 cm.
Some butyl sealant tapes are put on the wooden background.
BT-8: Butyl tapes that are ready for package.
There are four rolls of butyl sealant tapes in one carton box.
BT-9: Butyl sealant tape can be packed with carton box.
Butyl tapes that are packaged in numbers of carton boxes are put on the truck.
BT-10: Packaged butyl tapes that are waiting transport.

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