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  • Single sided butyl tape can be used in chemical factory.
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Butyl Tape Without Solvent has Strong Adhesion Force

What do we supply?

Butyl tape is a kind of adhesive tape with strong adhesive and excellent sealing effect. It adopts butyl rubber, poly isobutene as major raw materials blending, and then the surface attached to isolation paper, shape it in roll. It has good waterproof performance, so it is also known as butyl waterproof sealing adhesive tape. Mainly used in steel structure roof color steel plate, lighting plates lapped, doors and windows, roof concrete, ventilation pipe, dust removal equipment and automotive interior waterproof sealing.

According to the different requirements of different projects, we manufacture three types butyl tapes: single sided butyl tape , double sided butyl tape and butyl rubber putty. What's more, butyl tape series products in our company have already passed EU environmental protection ROHS certification. We can not only produce various types and specifications of butyl self-adhesive sealing tape, in addition, we also produce other related products like butyl sealant and other special adhesive tape products.

What kind of butyl tape do we supply?

Double sided butyl tape.

Double sided butyl tape has strong adhesive in both sides. It contains no solvents, no shrink and non-toxic. And it can resist high temperature, and the highest resistance to high temperature is 90°C, so it is also called high temperature resistant sealing adhesive tape.

With the advantages of good weather resistance and corrosion resistance, it is widely used in foundation engineering roof waterproof, underground facilities waterproof, tunnel, water supply and drainage works, culverts' sealing and impervious. It can also be used for treatment tank, sedimentation tank, water supply and drainage pipeline joints' sealing waterproof.

Two pieces of double sided butyl tape in different sizes.

Single sided butyl tape.

Single sided butyl tape has excellent adhesion to all kinds of material surface, such as colored steel plate, steel structure, waterproof coiled material, cement, wood, PC, PE, PVC, EPDM, CPE materials' bonding, etc. Therefore it is also referred to as self adhesive type sealing tape.

Suitable for external anti-corrosion seal of steel pipeline in high voltage wire, cable joints, petroleum, drainage, pollution discharge, chemical and other industries.

Two rolls of complete single sided tape in wide size and fine size.

Butyl rubber putty.

Butyl rubber putty features good waterproof property is mainly used for shield segment elastic gasket corner position. And it contains two common sizes (length × width × thickness): 75 × 50 × 1.5 mm, 150 × 50 × 1.5 mm butyl rubber putty.

Butyl rubber putty in two common sizes.

Butyl sealant.

For well qualified insulating glass, poly isobutene wraps its frame to protect it, it is black butyl sealant, only one component which prevents vapor permeability. Extremely low water vapor transmission rate and gas permeability, superior resistance to aging and high quality adhesive are it's most major properties. And there is no smell and does not contain any solvents.

Applicable for the building doors and windows glass, curtain wall, refrigerator, freezer, train and car, etc.

Block shape butyl sealant and tubbiness butyl sealant, both are on their packaging carton.
Hot Products

We manufacture a series of butyl tape products, include: butyl tape, double sided butyl sealing tape, single sided butyl waterproof tape, butyl rubber putty and butyl sealant for insulating glass.

There are five types butyl tapes in different sizes, and they are put on the blue background.

Butyl Tape

Butyl tape features good self adhesion and perfect sealing properties can be used in foundation engineering roof waterproof, treatment tank and so on.

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There are three rolls of double sided butyl tape are lying on the blue background, The fine size is on the left, the wide size is on the right.

Double Sided Butyl Tape

Double sided butyl tape with excellent sealing and shock absorption properties is widely used in underground facilities waterproof, tunnel, etc.

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An enlarge picture about unfolded part of single sided butyl tape.

Single Sided Butyl Tape

Single sided butyl tape with good anti-corrosion and insulation is applicable for steel pipeline in cable joints, petroleum, drainage, chemical, etc.

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Butyl tape is easy to use. Before using it, use a small roller to clean the joint position, and then start from one side to adhesion it onto the lap joint, gently press the tape so that it can firmly bonded. Last tear the isolation paper and press it again is ok.

There are five different sizes butyl tape lying on the blue background.

Butyl tape is applicable in foundation engineering roof waterproof, underground facilities waterproof, tunnel, water supply and drainage works, culvert, steel structure, treatment tank and many other places.